September 23, 2012

How to Setup and Change Your Pen Name on Amazon

Maybe you have considered writing under a pen name but you’re a little unsure about how you would go about creating and changing your pen name on Amazon. Well here is a quick guide.

Why would you want to write under a pen name?

Seems kind of odd, but there are tons of well-known authors who have decided to use a pseudonym instead of their own name. Even though most authors who do go under a pen name get found out in time. For many it’s a great way to:

  1. Stay anonymous
  2. Write in a different genre
  3. Protection for the author
  4. Branding

Important, bear in mind when you create your account you will need to put it under the actual name you have your ITIN or EIN number under. (I will do a post on EIN numbers and Amazon withholding tax in another post )

You don’t want to get a check in the mail to Tom Jones. You will have a hard time explaining that one to the bank.

Setting up your pen name

When you go through the process of uploading your book to KDP, you will be asked for your name as the author. This is when you put in your pen name. You already have your KDP account setup under your real name so you will get payments in your real name

Linking it with your Amazon Author Central Account

Now if you have put out a book under your real name you should have a Amazon Author page. If not go get one Please note your book will need to be live on Amazon before doing so.

Now here is what you do for any NEW pen names that you wish to keep track of but that won’t be associated with your real name on the front end of Amazon where buyers get the books.

1. Go to the books tab inside Amazon Author Central and click add more books

2. Search for the book that is under your pen name and click add it

3. You will get a window come up that says you are not listed as the author. See below










4. Under do you have a pen name? Just click on let us know. An email will go over to Amazon they will then require you to verify by sending a email back and once you click the confirmation link you will be all setup

Changing to your new pen name

Next all you do is switch to your new pen name from within your account. Just at the very top right hand corner you will see your name with an arrow. Click that and your new pen name will be there.


Jon Mills

Jon Mills is originally from England. He now lives in Ontario, Canada. He is currently writing two series. The Debt Collector series and Black Raven which is a CIA thriller. Among the many books he has under pen names, he has also written, The Undisclosed Trilogy, Dark Tide, The Promise, True Connection and The Debt Collector. Along with this he is the author of the bestselling Renegades series under the pen name Jack Hunt.

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