Retribution is the second book in the Undisclosed trilogy by Jon Mills.

Civilizations have been wiped out three times: first by fire, second by ice and third by water. Now begins the countdown to the destruction of humanity on a level not seen since the flood.

Forever haunted by what occurred beneath Mount Archuleta in Dulce, New Mexico, Travis Marshall returns a year older, his DNA altered, and his full potential unknown. Exploring his newfound abilities, his relationship with Jayde and countless cities searching for his brother, he realizes the world he once knew has been forever changed.Hiding the side effects of his genetic changes, and wrestling with a major discovery in the city of Chicago he is once again forced to face a familiar menace, and this time vengeance is personal.

Driven to find the original diary of James Vincent Forrestal, as well as a legendary artifact, Travis must face his greatest fears and unravel an ancient mystery before it's too late. Through a series of unexpected twists and turns, every clue leads him closer to decoding a global event with catastrophic consequences.